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The Woodcliff Anthology is for people who like the unusual and enjoy exploring possibilities.

D. A. BlankinshipMy formal education is in psychology and counseling and I have worked in clinical and research psychology. I have been fascinated by hypnosis and altered states of consciousness, and I practice dream control and I have taught that skill to clients.

If you practice lucid dreaming or dream control, if you have had distinct feelings of déjà vu, or if you believe life is an intimate and significant part of all that exists, you will enjoy the anthology.

Each story has a theme. Each story explores possibilities.

I am an avid student of ancient and typically unknown religious and spiritual beliefs. I have studied Cabala with an Orthodox Rabbi, I’ve read Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, and Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I delight in the teachings of the Essenes, the loving and sublime guidance in A Course in Miracles, and the wisdom of the Buddha and the Book of Tao.

We are eternal and the universe is temporary. Life is a wonderful lesson in sorting out what matters most, not a futile struggle to collect and protect meaningless objects. We are all one with the sacred, loving, and beneficent center of boundless merciful love; but, sometimes we get distracted, forget who we are, and think we are just a bunch of insignificant critters wandering aimlessly on an indifferent planet.

Enjoy the stories,
D. A. Blankinship


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Woodcliff Anthology

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