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The Anderson-Nelson Academy is a sequel to Phontaine's Gifts. If you have read Phontaine, then you know about Susan Anderson and Cynthia Nelson. If you have not read the book, then stop reading this right now, get a copy of the book, and catch up with the rest of us.

D.A. Blankinship

anderson-nelson academyGood, now we only have people who have read Phontaine's Gifts, so we don't need to worry about spoiler alerts.

Susan and Cynthia were the ultimate heroes of Phontaine's Gifts, even though Susan did not live to see the fulfillment of her dream, the work she and Cynthia started became the great hope for restoring civilization after the great upheaval and ruin of the United Americas Trade Federation. Phontaine's Gifts ended with Cynthia and Sylvia agreeing to operate a training academy that would teach people how to survive under the most desperate of circumstances. The Anderson-Nelson Academy picks up on the day Phontaine's Gifts ends and continues the lives of Newton and Maggie; Alice; Jason, Sarah, Morgan, and Madison; Jennifer, Nick, Matthew, Joshua, Bryon, and Brandon; Mike, Amy, Ethan, Emma, and Hanna; Cynthia and Sylvia and Robert; and (of course) Skipper and Bandit.

This will be an epic novel, following generations across hundreds of years and giving the reader the connections between these wonderfully important people, and their descendants centuries later, when the Scoloderus Conspiracy begins.

While Blankinship is working on this book, take a little time to browse some of the related pages. We have a section on knives, pistols, and rifles. These are not arsenals of war (be sure to read the essay Vikings on Steroids), they are practical tools for living ordinary lives under desperate circumstances. Farming, fishing, hunting, and raising critters for protein are not too glorious unless you don't know how.

Anderson-Nelson Academy


The Gear
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This website lists gear and ideas about surviving when you may be very isolated from any forms of assistance.

While the information is factual and reasonable, nothing presented here has been field tested on a planet that has been destroyed. (You would not believe the paperwork that requires.)

The information is a starting point for pondering: 1) what is useful to have or to know when every decision or action must help you to survive, and 2) how much research does it take to write an apocalyptic novel that wants to make the best of a bad situation?

The Management
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