Vikings on Steroids?

I am fond of camping and being in the great outdoors. I am also fond of reading survival books and browsing survival-related websites. Most of them are informative and a few are outstanding.

Survivalist sites often envision a post-apocalyptic Armageddon with wacko characters roaming the countryside like the Reavers in Firefly. While that makes great fiction, our major threats will be lack of safe drinking water, insufficient nutritional food, and medical and mental health problems. Gangs ravaging cities like Vikings on steroids will not last long. Being a bully does not protect someone from cholera, typhoid, mal-nutrition, infections, insect-borne diseases, or food poisoning.

If hurting people and stealing from them are your only skills, you will quickly discover you do not have a sustainable occupation.

D.A. Blankinship

The Gear

The Anderson-Nelson Academy is a fictional work describing the aftermath of a series of global disasters that lead to the end of civilization as we know it.

Beginning in 2023, the book tells the stories of how a group of families find ways to cope with their dramatically changing lives. Our world of just-in-time production collapses when communications, transportation, and commodity logistics fail. Water, food, healthcare, sanitation, and even our best hopes can become scarce and highly valuable. Essentially, we become the new pioneers rebuilding civilization.

In developing and writing the story, I began to take a long, hard look at the skills, the equipment, and the attitudes necessary for coping in a world where our life-long dependencies on the kindness of thousands of strangers has ended. What will we need to survive when trucks are not delivering food, gasoline is not available, or our houses do not have water or electricity?

Anderson-Nelson Academy


The Gear

Barred Owl Publishing


This website lists gear and ideas about surviving when you may be very isolated from any forms of assistance.

While the information is factual and reasonable, nothing presented here has been field tested on a planet that has been destroyed. (You would not believe the paperwork that requires.)

The information is a starting point for pondering: 1) what is useful to have or to know when every decision or action must help you to survive, and 2) how much research does it take to write an apocalyptic novel that wants to make the best of a bad situation?

The Management
Barred Owl Publishing